Selecting Your Fate

Select Your Concentration Camp Below: Click a Camp and Enter with Caution

Your task is to visit each concentration camp below (starting with Buchenwald: to the far left).  During your virtual visit to each camp, you will get a sense of how it would have felt to be part of The Holocaust during this time period.  Your journey will have you explore the depths of torture in which the targeted populations suffered.  Once in the camp, be sure to follow the explicit directions, in order so that you do not become lost.

Your exploration will lead you through a series of tasks to be completed so that your understanding of the events can become enriched through the whispers of our past.  Your tasks will guide you through a cognitive process forcing you to connect to history and independently dig deeper as venture through the rich multi-media content, process your reflections through writing, and ask critical questions as you feel history come alive.

           1st camp: Buchenwald                                     2nd camp: Auschwitz                                    3rd camp: Dachau

Project Objective: Through a constructivist approach to learning, students will embark on a self-directed, self-paced journey through time as each learner explores history and formulates his or her own perspective through the use of gathering artifacts and collaborating with peers in effort to answer the essential driving questionHow does prejudice and party affiliation influence today's political, economic, and governmental systems?